Tips For Managing Tokophobia

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If you are a woman who is suffering from tokophobia (fear of pregnancy), you might feel as though what you want most in the world is to raise a family but be so terrified of pregnancy that you are unable to even bear the idea of giving birth. This can make your life very difficult because the life that you want is being prevented by your fear of pregnancy. Here are some tips for managing your tokophobia so that you can raise a family.

1. Consider a Planned C-Section

The first thing that you can do in order to manage your tokophobia is to plan to have a C-section. If the idea of physically giving birth scares you, you might be able to separate that fear from the pregnancy itself. This means that you will be able to get through the annoyance of pregnancy as long as you can reassure yourself that you will have a C-section rather than have to deal with labor. C-sections can be less stressful for women with tokophobia because they can be unconscious during the C-section and have the baby come out of them passively, rather than have to actively push the baby out. 

2. Consider Therapy

Other women are able to overcome their tokophobia by simply going to therapy and challenging the beliefs that they have surrounding the pregnancy. Learning to challenge thoughts of being guaranteed to die during childbirth can reduce the symptoms of tokophobia and make the idea of giving birth more bearable.

3. Consider a Surrogate

Consider having one or more of your fertilized eggs being taken out of your body and put into the body of a surrogate. The surrogate will deal with the pregnancy and the birth for you. This can be very expensive.

3. Consider Adoption

Finally, you could consider skipping the pregnancy all together and instead go with adoption. This is helpful because it will allow you to be able to get children to raise and love without having to put your body and mind through pregnancy. By talking to a licensed adoption agency, you will be able to get a handle on how long the process is going to take and make the appropriate arrangements for the adoption. You can even justify the cost of adoption by reminding yourself that giving birth in a hospital would be much more expensive. This option is also much less expensive than surrogacy and will allow you to give a home to a child that needs one.

Why not try these out? For more information, talk to a licensed adoption agency.